First installment of the “7 Deadly Sins” canvas series – Whenever I think of the “7 Deadly Sins” I always visualize them as skeletons. While recently doing a commissioned piece for a client, I was painting a victorian stylized skeleton looking into a hand mirror. I instantly thought of pride and then began visualizing the rest of the 7 deadly sins in this same stylization. Since steampunk and the Victorian era go hand-in-hand, I continued this theme in my sketches. The first of the sins that I have completed in canvas is Anger. I took the latin word for anger, “Iratus” and tied it into the design, as I will for the following 6. I literally sketched out what I thought anger would look like, (Including his weapons). I hope you enjoy my take on these classic sins and keep an eye out for the following installments of the other 6.