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13 10, 2015

10 Crucial Steps To Success In The Kustom Industry


I wish I had “10 Crucial Steps To Success” when I first started kustom painting. I remember when I first stuck my foot in the door of the Kustom Industry. (It just about got cut off!). The Automotive Kustom Kulture is very similar to any exclusive club. Not everyone is invited, and there is a […]

10 Crucial Steps To Success In The Kustom Industry2015-10-13T23:08:24+00:00
15 09, 2015

Recognizing And Taming The Monster Within Us All


Few of us can recognize, let alone tame the Monster within us. It is far easier to point the finger, or direct our critical eye towards others when life does not go our way. While many self help books preach that the answer lies within, the irony is that so does the problem. […]

Recognizing And Taming The Monster Within Us All2017-03-29T05:35:45+00:00
30 08, 2015

Taking Steps To Organize The Rave In Your Head

Have you ever felt as if you had a “Rave” in your head?  Does it feel like a non-stop party of ideas, thoughts and things-to-do that you did not invite and cannot control?  Is it like a number of uninvited guests are waiting for you to wake each morning?  They invite their friends over till […]

Taking Steps To Organize The Rave In Your Head2017-03-29T05:39:18+00:00
6 08, 2015

Dealing with Dementia


When dealing with Dementia, the questions that tend to come up are: “Who can get it and what causes it?” In all honesty, everyone is susceptible.  10% of Americans over the age of 65 will suffer from some form of Dementia. That statistic becomes 1 in 7 over the age of 71 and […]

Dealing with Dementia2015-08-06T00:58:23+00:00
30 06, 2015

3 Steps To The Art Of Relaxation


“3 Steps ToThe Art of Relaxation” is a concept we rarely hear discussed. Usually “Art” is related to one of the three “A’s”: Ability, Achievement, or Activity. Often times we think of relaxation in terms of inactivity. In actuality, relaxation is not the opposite of activity, but the other side of the same coin. Without […]

3 Steps To The Art Of Relaxation2015-06-30T02:24:16+00:00