“El Maestro” Is a tribute piece to actor Doug Jones that I have wanted to do for quite a while. Out of all the talented actors and artists I have met while being part of the Make-Up, FX and Horror conventions, Doug Jones is by far my favorite. What’s amazing about Doug is that eventhough 90% of the characters he has played usually entail enough makeup and prosthetics to bury 3 people, you can still tell it is a Doug Jones performance. Many of your favorite characters and monsters may have been played by Doug Jones and you never knew it. From Abe Sapien of Hellboy to the Silver Surfer, Doug has brought countless characters to life on the screen. I have tried to include them all in the painting, but that would require more of a wall mural than a canvas. In “El Maestro” I have surrounded the portrait of Doug and his “Maestro” baton with my favorite and I believe to be his most important characters. Nearly every character in this painting showcases Doug’s hands, namely because they are one of his trademarks. While many people speak with their hands, Doug acts through them. It is the most recognizable aspect of his characters. Doug has been referred to as the modern day Lon Chaney (The man of a 1000 faces). I prefer Guillermo Del Toros description of him: The Fred Estaire of horror and fantasy. I hope you will enjoy this tribute painting as much as I enjoyed painting it.

Paint to live, live to paint

Craig Fraser

PS: There is a very small number of deluxe prints that are signed by Doug Jones himself that will be available at Son of Monsterpalooza Sept. 16-18. Enquire by email form for availability online.